Rainbow Housing Assistance Corp. is a non-profit organization that aims to support affordable housing owners by providing programs to residents that create a sense of community and provide educational opportunities and other financial and non-financial support. “If we can stabilize the resident population within a community through programs and services we know that that outcome of that allows for financial benefit to the communities,” said Flynann Janisse, executive director. “So if we improve the education of a resident, a household, and we also improve the job readiness of a household, then the financial worth all of the community, or excuse me that particular household will improve.”

The company is hoping to expand its footprint nationally. “We want to go where no one else has gone before, we want to go to the toughest markets, we want to make the greatest impact with our programs and services, we want to implement them, not only where they’re needed, but where they’re necessary, so that we can change nationally the catalyst of the resident population and improve the financial performance of assets,” Janisse said.